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Mugen's Suggestions :D

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Mugen's Suggestions :D

Post by Mugen on Fri Aug 26, 2011 9:28 pm

Ok, these are just some things i think you guys should add (Since servers done right now)
1. Firstly, i think you guys should add more commands like @antiks(Stops other players from KSing you) and what not.
2. Secondly, I think youguys should add more PQs/Guild PQs to add some fun (With Custom Rewards?)
3. Thirdly,(If im wrong sorry, Pretty new) add a new way to get MSis (Like 10 Mushroom spores + 30000 stats ^ for Any level 0 thing)4. Fourthly, Maybe get GMs to sell you rare NX,Change Gender, ETC for MFs or Something specfic for winning Events (Seen on BiccyMS please check for more info)
5. Do not put on Fm mob spawner limits THERE GAY.
6. When rings start to work, Maybe have a custom Wedding PQ?.

Thank you for reading all my suggestion xD hope they help <333 MoonlightStory is soo awesome, just trying to help make more AWESOMER?... If thats a word.
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Re: Mugen's Suggestions :D

Post by Simplicity on Sat Aug 27, 2011 7:06 am

1. Yes, We're still working on the Commands, More will come : )
2. PQ's will come soon too.
3. We usually give the players the option to pick an IOC (Item of Choice) when they won an event. This includes Rare NX.
5. We'll think about the Spawners.
6. Wedding PQ sounds like a good idea.

Thank you for your suggestions.

Best Regards,

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