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An application from a drunken fool.

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An application from a drunken fool.

Post by Drunk on Thu Aug 18, 2011 9:27 am

Pete (IGN: Drunk)

Sunny Northern Ireland


How many hours a day would you spend on the forums?
Well basically if I'm using my laptop I'll most likely have the forums up along with the website and I'd normally check both every so often. So at least a few hours a day minimum.

Have you got any past experience with being a Forum Moderator?
In all honesty no I don't have any experience being a Form Mod.

How would you handle a Forum Spammer?
Well it would depend on what was being spammed. Be it random words or keyboard smashing such as "pidhnfgoafsdg" then the person would be warned and the posts would be deleted. If the person continued they'd get another warning and a temp ban and then the next result would just be a ban.
Someone spamming and being vulgar to someone would just result in a temp ban the posts deleted and a warning followed by a ban if it continued.
With regards to spamming of or posting of nudities would be deleted and banned.

Anything additional that you want to add?
Nothing really to add other than thanks for reading my fail application :3


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Re: An application from a drunken fool.

Post by Scottai on Fri Aug 19, 2011 3:12 pm



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