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Post by Storm/Alan on Wed Aug 10, 2011 8:51 am

o umm... new server... I'll post some new suggestions
Bring back @fmnpc and @shop back. Mostly cause idk where to get Sommunng rock. and @spinel doesnt work. soo yeah.
Other than that. I like the rest (3 chs ect)
AND WILL WE get anything from the old server?
Cause i had 80rbs and 2 maxed stats. soo yeah.
+How do u get the flowerthingys im the richkid but none dropped
Just some thoughts ect. Alright. time to gring
IGN ingmae: Alan (previously known as Storm)
EDIT: I'm NOT HATING, I LOVE MoonlightStory. Best server i've played .
these are suggestions and questions. Forgive me for being a nub
EDIT 2: ALSO Papulatus which i found out thanks to Maiya is @shop
BUT u cannot not click on him. U must use NPC Chat. Soo uhh i guess u could fix that... TY


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Re: Sugeestions

Post by Fiction on Fri Aug 12, 2011 3:19 am

1. Please explore and read @commands and server before you post suggestion
2. Did you try @dispose
3. Depend on refund. we are working on it.


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