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Twiggy's GM Application

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Twiggy's GM Application

Post by Twiggy on Fri Aug 05, 2011 12:46 pm

Name: Alisha - Twiggy

Age: 14

GMT, England

South-east England

Reborns: 2 so far, but I am going to start training.

How long have you been playing MoonlightStory?
I have been playing for over a month.

What do you like about MoonlightStory/What stands out about the server?

I love how this server is unique in its own way and the coding staff think outside the box. Most private servers nowadays just have the standard NPC's and commands like @kin, @fmnpc etc. This server has the basic commands and NPC's but also much more which make it a fun place to play as it has a variety of things to do like JQing to get money envelopes which you can exchange for other items. Another reason why this server stands out is how nice, approachable and generous the players are, which is shown when they welcome each player like they're family.

Why are you applying here?

I'm applying to become a GM to communicate with everyone better and solve players issues while making their game-play more enjoyable on the server. I feel that this server could in the future be one of the biggest Maplestory private servers around, gaining more and more players by the day, which would unfortunately result in more rule breakers, and I know that I could deal with them in an appropriate manner for doing wrong. I also feel that I could bring a positive attitude and energy to members of staff and the whole community as I have a fun, bubbly personality. Though I can be very relaxed and enjoyable to be around, this does not mean that I can't be responsible and sensible when dealing with a serious matter.

Are you currently and GM on any other server?

No, I only play this server.

Have you applied to any other server in the past 4 weeks?
Also again, no

What are your 'Pros' and 'Cons' ?

-I never show favoritism as this is an unfair advantage to some players
-Since it is summer I can be on for long periods of times, and could stay up as late as I want
-I have experience as a GM
-I am very mature for my age
-I get along with everyone and don't hate anyone unless there is a reason to hate
-I don't judge people

- I may seem too young to be a GM as I just turned 14, but I have had experience in a private server numerous times

How could you contribute to MoonlightStory?
If I had the chance to be a GM for this server, I would first and foremost, as I have done on previous
servers I have been a GM on, do check ups every hour or so to keep the server a fair place to be around
and ensure that there is no one hacking. I would also listen to what the players have to say about the
server so that I, as a GM could improve it to make a better game-play to everyone and welcome new players
and provide them with information about the server and answering any questions they may have. Also,
every 2-3 hours I would host an event for the players to relax and have some fun from training.

What do you think the real meaning of a GM is and do you have any experience?

I think the meaning of a GM is someone who can provide help to those who need it while looking out for its community to keep some from taking advantage.A GM is a person who everyone can talk to and is someone who people look up to, but as a GM, you earn respect from being sensible in your responsibilities and not intimidating others but making friends.

I have been a GM in several private servers such as AngelsDreamMS, which was the first server I was a GM in. I was interviewed in front of the staff and players and picked from a large group of candidates wanting to become a GM. The next server I was a GM in was RoyalMS which was only open for a few weeks until it was shut down for a reason which I, unfortunately do not know.I have also been a GM in HeliosMS before it being shut down and a GM in PenguinMS which was not an official server, just a server a friend made for a group of friends,including me,to gain more experience and knowledge of the commands that a GM can do.

Unfortunately, since my computer, which was quite old, crashed, I was unable to retrieve the screenshots of me being a GM on these servers that I have just mentioned.

Would you abuse your powers as a GM?

I would never even think about abusing my powers as I would never have a reason to and am very sensible when given responsibility.

Pretend someone has scammed a person with a precious item (rare item, GM-Scrolled item, etc.) How will you react to solve such a situation?
If this situation were to arise in game, I would jail/warp all the people involved to hear their side of the story and ask if the victim had any evidence of being scammed.I would then ask the 'scammer' if they had taken an item from the player and if evidence was shown, I would temporarily jail them as their punishment and ask them to return the item.However,if there was no evidence shown, I would check the 'scammers' inventory or item log. if they still continued to scam people, I would temporarily ban them as a second warning. If my warnings failed to stop the player from scamming again, I would then proceed to permanently ban them for not listening and respecting a GM and players.

Pretend someone is Vac Hacking and Summon Hacking, how will you react?

If I caught someone Vac/Summon hacking, I would whisper another member of stuff to ensure that the player was hacking and then proceed to permanently ban them. Whenever I ban anybody, I always take a Screenshot for proof so I would take a screenshot of the player hacking and if they ever posted a topic on the ban appeal section about why they got banned, I would post the screenshot for evidence.

How would you explain yourself and your personality?
If I had to describe myself, I would say that I am a fun,happy,sensible person who is patient and tolerant, which I think are quite important key features that a GM should have.I have a good sense of humour but also have a high level of maturity. I also am rarely never in a bad mood, but if I was, I would never bring it into the game.

Anything additional you would like to add?
I hope you take my GM Application into consideration and good luck to others.

Thank you for reading Twiggy's GM Application!


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Re: Twiggy's GM Application

Post by Peace on Fri Aug 05, 2011 9:42 pm

Good Lucky Alisha

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Re: Twiggy's GM Application

Post by Twiggy on Wed Aug 10, 2011 3:25 am

Thanks (:

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Re: Twiggy's GM Application

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