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HotDiarrhea's GM app

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HotDiarrhea's GM app

Post by HotDiarrhea on Fri Aug 05, 2011 4:27 am

Name: Alistor

Age: 19

Timezone: -6 GMT central

Location: Texas

Reborns: 0 atm

How long have you been playing MoonlightStory? A day.

What do you like about MoonlightStory/ What stands out about the server? The FM monster system, never really seen that before. Also the money envelope system is pretty neat as well Very Happy

Why are you applying here? I think i would be a fun addition to this server.

Are you currently and GM on any other server? Nope

Have you applied to any other server in the past 4 weeks? ]b]Nope[/b]

What are your 'Pros' and 'Cons' ? Pro: I'm extremely fun, and funny(some might not get my humor, but you'll catch on quick). I'm helpful to anyone who asks(and even those that don't, you're gonna receive my help dammit!), I'm also very active(and will be for a while Very Happy), and i like pie, who doesnt like pie

Con: I have super ADD(this might not be an issue, but sometimes i forget things, so if someone tells me they need something, i might forget, no big deal) I tend to be brutally honest(no matter what it is, i express my opinion, as it is MY opinion, so....sorry if i offend anyone lol, i dont really care either Razz) My personality might be too aggressive to most people(they probably cant handle a joke or two, or i might seem to aggressive, but thats how i am lol) I'm weird as hell(this might not be a big "Con" but some people are more reserved, but I'm not, I'm wild and I'm out there, normality is overrated)

How can you contribute to MoonlightStory? Extreme fun, constant events, constant assistance and a warm child's laughter.....(that sounded weird, don't judge me)

What do you think the real meaning of a GM is and do you have any experience? I think a GM should keep the community stable while having fun doing it, and making it fun for others, and yes I've had experience(i GMed on VulgaresqueMS, DrakoMS, and ObscureMS, and they all shut down LOL)

Would you abuse your powers as a GM? Nope, unless if i was picking on someone, but i think everyone tends to abuse their powers like that everyone once in a while Very Happy(i even have proof, in Sammi's vid, the gm kept killing people on the JQ map, something i would probably do, trololol)

Pretend someone has scammed a person with a precious item (rare item, GM-Scrolled item, etc.) How will you react to solve such a situation? I'm a good judge of character, if the person whos been scammed seems honest enough, i might just make him the item again or ask another gm if hes seen him/her with any GM scrolled item of the sort, i would also tell him to be more careful next time and that this is the only time ill help him.

Pretend someone is Vac Hacking and Summon Hacking, how will you react? First i would give him a warning to let him know to stop what hes doing and if i see him again he'll get perma banned, but it all depends on attitude, if he tries to log off or run, he'll get banned right there on the spot, but either way i might temporarily ban him to let him know not to do it again.

How would you explain yourself and your personality? I'm pure fun and entertainment, its never a dull moment with me and im very outspoken and ill speak my opinion no matter what. That also explains my personality, its just pure awesomeness!

Anything additional you would like to add? I really hope you guys consider me as a new GM, i will not let anyone down and i know i havent been here long, but i feel that i would be one of the best GMs on this server, theres no doubt about that, i promise you Very Happy


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