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R> OstrichED <3

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R> OstrichED <3

Post by BlackJesus on Thu Aug 04, 2011 12:34 pm

As of now, We are recruiting OstrichED! We are a very professional guild and and are looking for Teachers too. [ Jr Masters ]

Leader of OstrichED:
Matt - Administrator of the Server.

Head Teachers / Head Junior Masters
BlackJesus - Head Teacher / Head Junior
Danny - Head Teacher / Head Junior

Guild Ranks
~The Dean~
Administrator of MoonlightStory: Matt

~Ostrich Teacher~
A loyal teacher to the school. Must be selected by The Dean / Head Teachers.

~Ostrich Love~
A very dedicated ostrich lover. Attends lots of seminars and events.

~Ostrich Kiss~
A good student of the School. Doesn't cause much trouble.

~Ostrich Hug~
A new person. FNG. They have yet to prove themselves.

The Dean must be notified of any
suspended or expelled students.

Information about OstrichED

OstrichED Events
OstrichED Events are Exclusive and Explict Events that are ONLY hosted by Danny , BlackJesus , and Matt.
You can win many many envelopes. You may not get anything else. You should learn to utilize your Envelopes more though. We host events such as:
True / False
Hide / N / Seek
Russian Roulette
Last Man Standing

More to come!
Envelopes Can vary from 10 - 250 !

OstrichED Class
This is very explicit. Only few guests can join. We usually dont let that many guests come for a reason. They interupt and cause trouble. We are very professional. Basically, you learn new facts about ostriches and other things related to MoonlightStory. The key is to pay attention. You win a prize at the end for Participation Smile Be sure to tune in!

OstrichED Staff have some explict rules for you to follow to pass by in this guild. We are very professional. So you will follow by our rules.

In-Class Rules
1)Only Sky blue chairs will be permitted
2)Dont interrupt somebody when they are speaking
3)You cannot leave untill you are dismissed
Outside Class / Other Rules
1)Do Not bully other members
2)Do not spam

Failure to do so will lead to consequences. If you follow these rules you may be qualified to become a Teacher [ Jr. Master]. Be sure that if you become a Teacher, You must do things that BlackJesus , Danny , and Matt tell you to do. That may include, being a role model for the guild, teaching for our OstrichED classes and maybe even more. You have to take responsibility for this role. If you think you got what it takes, You may apply for Teacher and become part of the OstrichED Staff. Please be aware that The OstrichED staff will review it and it may take a while for us to respond to your Application. You may NOT ask for us to check your Application. It will just show how desperate you are and may lose consideration. Ready or Not. Here is the Format to Apply for a Teacher.

Rank in Guild:
Why should we choose you?:
What could you do to contribute?:
Would you abuse your powers?:
Suppose somebody is harassing another Guild Member, or Spamming, How would you handle it?:
Anything else you'd like to add?:
So you have a Ostrich?: [Required]

Thanks for reading, Comment below if you want to join, or Whisper us in-game. Our IGN's are posted earlier in the thread.
You think you got what it takes to be Ostriched? Join now!

-OstrichED Staff / BlackJesus


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