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Jake's Mod Application.

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Jake's Mod Application.

Post by Imagine on Thu Aug 04, 2011 11:41 am

(GMT -8:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)
How many hours a day would you spend on the forums?
I won't spend a solid amount of hours on forums, but what I do since I actually enjoy playing in-game as well as browsing through these forums I would be tabbing in and out so I can get a visual of the 'best of both worlds'. This could be 1 hour a day or even 16 hours a day.
Have you got any past experience with being a Forum Moderator?
Yes, I was a past forum moderator at LightningMS.
Proof is below.

How would you handle a Forum Spammer?
Depends on what was posted. I've seen some inappropriate XXX stuff on my past forum. How I handled that was, banning the person first from forums. Then, removing all posts.
If this person was to be spamming random text, I would simply give him or her a warning to stop posting up these random blobs of texts. Then, I would remove all posts that were spammed. If this were to happen again, I would temp ban him or her for 3 days. If it continues, permanently ban him or her.[/b]

Anything additional that you want to add?
I understand I am in a way 'new' here since I actually never played Moonlight, but I was a past GM for Matt when him, himself and Pascal were networking their two servers together. Understood this job has certain powers and responsibilities, I can not guarantee I will do a perfect job, but I will do my best to perform these duties while having fun. As well as, that certain limit. Since LightningMS is still a server that is up, If you wish to remove that text or have me remove it I will without a doubt. Just giving proof that I was!

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