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Custom Poses Free to request(OPEN)

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Custom Poses Free to request(OPEN)

Post by Peace on Thu Aug 04, 2011 2:02 am

Ok so Guys i been bored lately and i had to decisions and i picked this so heres a simple form for you guys to fill up
Pose:Sitting BLAH BLAH OR WHAT EVER (Notice: Please include the link for the blank pose)
Your Character: (Please Use BannedStory 3) Then Save as a code if you Don't know heres how to do it First Files>Make BannedStory Code > Check its version 3.3 then Click Generate click on the codes copy and post here
Where you want me to send you the link:In Game Or Here?

Currently Learning Arts to make banner and stuffs O_O GFX

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Re: Custom Poses Free to request(OPEN)

Post by Mugen on Fri Aug 26, 2011 9:42 pm

I would gladly love you to make a Banner xD Thanks in Advance
Name : Jordan
IGN : Mugen
Pose : Sitting, Nice Background With My Name(Jordan) Beside Character
MyCharacter :78da35ccc10e82300c06e00d9625b8104238e8d147281351ce2646136f3e41851188c061eee2555fdcd1607be8d73f6919633c8ab94cc19706c8491a8eb027edbc67e55068a82a52e9a38274d0ba0416d51d5aac9db12c39fdb9bde1dbd888cfdf0517cc3717dfabf86c568a671df6f6de6163c2acb5389a33d64686a06891628d533fa2a338c85e6ea1548fa19f9e8a0219fb313579da0ee82efe5f982c5701ff013c21338d
Here is where i would like the link Very Happy thanks !

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