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Sony Vegas for FREE.

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Sony Vegas for FREE.

Post by Scottai on Mon Aug 01, 2011 12:42 am

Before doing this, make sure you disable your anti virus or whatever, for the crack and patch. I assure you it's safe, as I have done it and many other people have.
This is not my tutorial.
If you would like more things like this, visit (:

Sony Vegas Pro 10

Download from Official Website:

Crack+Patch: ?ff5l1lla8dkm3bd

Step 1 - Downloading & Installing

Once you've downloaded Sony Vegas Pro 10 from the link i've provided above, open it. Now the installer should pop up. Start off by selecting your language. EG: English. Press "Next". Now you shall select your wished install path. Go for the original.
C:\Program Files\Sony\

Now it will ask you if you want to install 3 "plugins" 1 of them is Windows.. 11.. Something, anyhow. Just ress "Next" and install all 3. Let the installer finish. Congratulations, you do now have Sony Vegas Pro 10! Let's move on to the cracking part.

Step 2 - Cracking

Now, extract the "Sony Vegas Pro 10 Crack" that you've downloaded. Extract it to your desktop. Now open up the map "Sony Vegas Pro 10". There should be 6 files. Ignore the READ ME.txt and Soundforge 10 bugfix.reg. Open the "SonyVegas Patch.exe" Now this window should pop up.

1. First off, press the thing that looks like one of theese that the directors has when they record movies. And locate your Sony folder.

Once you've selected the Sony folder, press "Ok". In that tiny textbar there should now be "C:\Programs\Sony". NOW press the map thing with a + icon on it. And it should appear in that BIG Textbox. As the final, press "CRACK ME" and wait for it to finish. Once it's done, press that black smilie with a red crosshair on it to shutdown the program.

Alright, now you shall open up "Vegas Pro 10" which will be on your desktop as a shortcut. it will now ask you for a serial key. That's when the "Keygen.exe" comes in use. Run it, now there should pop up something that's close to a TOA (Terms of Agreement) i assume. Just press "Continue..." and the real keygen should appear. With some badass music. (IMO ^^) Select "Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 32 & 64 Bit Series) And press "Generate" twice.

Please follow the instructions in the image. As I took the image from my old SVP 9.0 thread, I tried updating the pic as good as I could. Heh..

As I said, Copy the serial from the keygen after pressing "Generate" twice. Paste it into the textbox & replace 1HF with 1R8. Press next. Select "Register from another computer" and select thoose 2 checkboxes at the bottom. Press "Next" again. Now we're at the final step, the Authentication Code. Copy the authentication code from the keygen and press "Next".

Voilá! You do you have a 100% FULL woking Sony Vegas Pro 10. Hopefully they won't upgrade to SVP 11.


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