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Kinkys Forum Moderator Application!

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Kinkys Forum Moderator Application!

Post by Guest on Fri Jul 22, 2011 1:04 pm

Location:Usa Massachusetts
How many hours a day would you spend on the forums?
i litterally come on forums every single day, even if im running late...for something -mumbles- emahfa. Anyways, im dumb ikr?
i check forums every Hour for 20-40 minutes
Have you got any past experience with being a Forum Moderator?
Actually, i do :] i was a forum mod on raveonline; audition private sever, it got shut down, June 19th. I was crying so upsetting,'
i was with rave since 2008. Since the first day it came out. Later in 2009 i became a mod.
How would you handle a Forum Spammer?
I would give him/her one chance to stop. if this person does not stop i will do in my power to MAKE them stop.
On rave we had a thing called INFRACTIONS they were rules, that were enforced; uhm example i gave a kid a warning to stop double posting..
he continued and i infracted 300points = 2day ban.
Anything additional that you want to add?
uhm i would really like help in anyway i could i would just need to know what you want me to do <3

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Re: Kinkys Forum Moderator Application!

Post by Drunk on Fri Jul 22, 2011 1:41 pm

Good luck Mandy you forum hoe ^_#

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