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Dalena's GM Application

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Dalena's GM Application

Post by Simplicity on Fri Jul 22, 2011 5:15 am

Name: Dalena

In-Game Name: Dalena obviously

Age (Birth-date): I'm 15 years old and i'll be turning 16 in August. Smile


Location: I live in Toronto, Ontario and that is located in Canada if you don't know. Smile

Reborns: I have 100 rebirths

How long have you been playing MoonlightStory?

I have been playing Moonlightstory for 3weeks although it might not be long enough to some people I have experienced how much of a nice community it is. Smile

How long have you been on the forums?

Although I have joined the forms just last week i've been just looking around and reading peoples post since i'm not much of a poster but i'm a reader. Smile

How long are you able to be on?

I'm able to be on weekdays for about (4-7hours) since school and all. Sad But on weekends I can be on for (7-11hours) I know some people say No Life but if you play Moonlight you should understand why. Smile

What do you like about MoonlightStory? What I like about Moonlight is that their loving community has made me so fond of this server. I remeber my first experinces trying to join Moonlight was that I had problems joining because of a simple error and Pascal was talking to me for 2hours on the chat box trying to figure out what was wrong, and not ever did he just forget me and left he stayed through the entire thing and helped me. Why are you applying here? I am applying here because the community of Moonlight has been such a loving community I feel like I should help support the community in the way they have supported me. Very Happy

Are you currently a GameMaster on another server? No i'm not

How many servers have you applied to during the past 4 weeks? None

What are you pros and cons? List them and explain.

Some of my pros are is that i'm an outgoing person, and love to sit down with people and just discuss about their issues, and try to help them out in anyway I can as possible. Some of these qualities can be seen when I started playing the server for about a week I started giving free rebirths to anyone who asked and some moonflowers to people who needed too.

Some of my cons would be that sometimes I can be inmature with some of my jokes which people don't like. Sad Just like in a fashion show contest we had to make Pascal laughed and lets just say (jokes about your dad) Don't work trust me i've been there. Very Happy

How can you contribute to MoonlightStory?

How I will contribute to the Moonlight community is that I will host events, help anyone who has a question no matter how long it will take, sit down with anyone if they have issues about anything life, people on the server or anything in general i'm willing to give a helping hand. Smile

What do you think a GM is?

A GM is someone who helps people about their questions about the server, stop those mean bad hackers, and just sitting down with people and getting ideas on how we can make Moonlight a better server.

Do you have any experience in being a GM?

Yes, I have experince as a GM although it was for only 2days on DestinyMs (v62) since it was closed down when I just became a GM.

What is your favorite thing to do as a GM?

What my favorite thing to do as a GM is hosting events because come on who doesn't love hosting events!!! I also like answering peoples questoins, and talking with anyone. Smile

Would you abuse the power of being a GM?

Me abuse powers of GM?? Not even close.

Pretend someone has scammed a person with a precious item (rare item, GM-Scrolled item, etc.) How will you react to solve such a situation?

Firstly I will ask the person who scammed to give the items they took to the orginal owner and if they don't i'll threaten then with a ban and if they still don't I will ban them.

Pretend someone is Vac Hacking and Summon Hacking, how will you react?

I will first give them a warning and keep giving them warnings untill they get to 3warnings and after that they will get banned because mainly I like giving people a chance to stop what crimes they are doing and if they don't listen then they will be banned.

How would judge your own personality?

I would judge my own personality, as a really warm hearted person and loving to say the same thing over and over again because I just love to get a point clear about certain ideas/things.

Any other words you would like to add?

Some other words I would like to add is that i'm really bad a making a joke, this can be seen when Sammy and Pascal were hosting a fashion Contest event and i've made it to the top 5 and the last thing we had to do was to make Pascal laugh. Just warning you all know jokes about someone's father doesn't work. Sad

Best Regards,

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