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xDomo's GM Application

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xDomo's GM Application

Post by Simplicity on Fri Jul 22, 2011 5:12 am

Name: Nigel Tan
In-Game Name: xDomo
Age (Birth-date): 14 12/27/1997
Timezone: Unknown
Reborns:147 for 1 week but the another 1 week i been afking to work on my Hero's item Very Happy and sitting down CHIT CHATTING Very Happy

How long have you been playing MoonlightStory? 2weeks

How long have you been on the forums? 1week

How long are you able to be on? 5-9 hours per day but during schools maybe about 5-8 hours as my schools end at 1:30 2:00 and 12:30.

What do you like about MoonlightStory? Why are you applying here? I like the community and i like to be on of the member and help or event host events to players. i actually like the event's and the friendly community and service in game it make me more and more attracted to this maple as i played other server for 2-3 weeks then i quit because i dun like the service but in the story i will play for years or event centuries because it HAS! A GOOD AND FRIENDLY COMMUNITY! Very Happy.

Are you currently a GameMaster on another server? No i am too young on that time but this time i am much more mature and more confident with my own work but i know the hard works to be a GM but as i am mature enough i Will handle more cases and more trouble that players did

How many servers have you applied to during the past 4 weeks? 2 but i'm waiting for an reply Very Happy

What are you pros and cons? List them and explain.
Pro's = I am a friendly kind and caring active member in MoonLight story i am a helpful kind and i am easy to go with or even chat with u can find me attractive to cheering people up

Con's = i dun really have an Con's now because u see i am easy to go wif but when people seriously make me angry or they disturb me when i am doing my work i will give warnings to them.

How can you contribute to MoonlightStory? Host more event introduce my friends and make it more a stable and comfortable one. actually i learned some coder for Npc last week i might be able to give ideas to the owner [Pascal] to add more Npc .

What do you think a GM is? in my opinion to me a Gm carries alot of works like the restarts or even much more its a heavy and responsible work but to me i can handle it because i am a responsible kind of member Very Happy

Do you have any experience in being a GM? Yes, base on my skills and type i might be able to make a good Gm and give examples to players but i am not currently a gm in other server as i stated in point [Are you currently a GameMaster on another server?] at this point i already explain why i am not a gm in other server Very Happy.

What is your favorite thing to do as a GM?. Hosting Events chatting wif friends and love to stalk people but not annoy them Very Happy.

Would you abuse the power of being a GM? . no i will love this server and love all the players that are playing i would not lies to my promises as when i am a GM and if any player ask for item's i will denied that strictly because i know its against the rule so when they plead or even begged me when i said denied many times i will not allow that and jail them strictly without any warnings but when Gm break rules the server will be less fun and more and more player's will get banned for nothing done.

Ppretend someone has scammed a person with a precious item (rare item, GM-Scrolled item, etc.) How. i Will stand out and solve the problem if is the guy who scammed i will give warning to the scammer

will you react to solve such a situation?. YES! Yes!! because i live out from justice and if there no justice that means there not law and justice to my life and if wouldn't be a human if there's no law i'll just protest in anyway's if even i am being warned.

Pretend someone is Vac Hacking and Summon Hacking, how will you react?. Give warning but when it dones it many time i will not be kind hearted and ban or even jail until he gotten back his sense

How would judge your own personality? good kind Caring responsible Player not to praise myself but u can ask other people like my brother Very Happy.

Any other words you would like to add? Yes, Typing this App make me feel more like a Gm to help to fight for justice to those who cant play or even download this and i will stand out guide them and even be friendly to players

Thanks For Reading - Nigel

Best Regards,

Owner of MoonlightStory
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